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Is Tailoring still alive in 2014?


The answer is YES!! Tailoring has grown since the way your grandpa knew it. After all, there are good tailors and bad tailors and the number of good tailors is decreasing fast and so called tailors have little or no formal training. I am one of those tailors that paid the owner for first year of apprenticeship. The following two years I was paid very little. It wasn't until the fourth year in the industry it got better by working mostly with the owner direct on clothes of the towns movers and shakers. The day I made the decision to open my own tailor shop, I was determined to not be the lowest priced tailor due to my qualifications and am not afraid to keep that reputation going! I was confident that a large city like Denver had successful people that could use my experience and were willing and able to pay for it to get the items that needed. In the early 1990's, I made a change in hiring tailors for the better. Now I can use the best workers as I see fit which gives me the edge over other in house tailor shops. It is not uncommon for customers with high priced garments and difficult alterations to end up at Eric's Custom Tailors. To this day, Eric's if Denver's most complete men's and women's tailor shop. No job is too big or too small or difficult for Eric and his team of professionals.